Happy Customers

Kathie, Narrogin WA
Wow!! So impressed with this planner. I have been through a lot of whiteboards and this is certainly a winner. The best things about this planner/whiteboard are: It wipes very clean, doesn't leave any smudges at all. Perfect size for my two door fridge. Sticks well to the fridge, no sliding at all. The division of days and people on the planner are perfect. Some extra room on the side for 'Shopping list' 'Notes' and 'Things to do' and the little scripture is a lovely touch. This planner is good looking, versatile and good quality. A perfect 'Mum's little helper'. I did have to lay heavy books on it the day it arrived as the direction it was rolled meant it wasn't flat enough to stick to the fridge, but a couple of books for a couple of hours made it just perfect. This lovely designed planner would make a very practical gift for any busy mum.

Ursula, Gillieston Heights NSW
This is the best thing i couldve been given for my family. We have always been an unorganised family and ive only ever seen family planners that go on the back of a door (which for us is pointless as we never look there )but with it being magnetic, it slips straight onto our fridge and we cant help but see it and whats planned for our days. It has ample room for each family member as well as room for shopping lists and a menu planner space as well. Our life is much more organised now and we havnt missed an appt or anything school wise yet!!! Perfect for every family and also a must. A+++++

Mrs AJC, Birkdale QLD
Thank goodness someone FINALLY made a weekly planner that is not only gorgeous, but functional and completely usable for a bigger family!!! Being a mess with paperwork and forever losing my diary, I was so delighted to get this little gem in the mail. Fully magnetic, this planner has prominence on the fridge. It did require a bit of weight on top after I received it to flatten it out as it arrived rolled up and had a curl for a couple days but other than that I cannot fault it! The ability to write and wipe is genius, and also the ability to add each person to their own column means that a week in the life that is our household is right there in front of me! With sports, homework, business trips and general reminder dates I found that I have been able to keep track of even the smallest things for every member of our household easily! I cannot fault this product and genuinely think that this truly does belong on every fridge in Australia and the world!!!

Sue, Berwick VIC
What a terrific way to be organised! As a busy family who are always on the go, we are able to keep track of the kids activities, my favourite gym classes, extra events and appointments. We can also plan our menu for the upcoming week and the kids have even been writing down items for the shopping list. We have also used the Weekly Planner to write out a homework schedule. We love the way we can wipe away the previous week's activities (or keep the homework schedule for longer)and create a fresh new plan for the up-coming week. This is a keeper for those who want to share family activities so that everyone knows what is happening.

Rachel, Moonta Bay SA
An innovative and extremely handy idea! I loved being able to have it on my fridge - easy access, only takes seconds to look at rather than searching through books etc. I used it as a daily planner, helping me to keep note of appointments, upcoming events and I loved the to do list feature! It was the perfect size (although for my little fridge I had to remove some of my magnets :( ) And I will continue to use it for a long time to come.​

This is a great product. I get really frustrated having to constantly remind family members what they need to do each week but with this planner its on the fridge where everyone can see it. I have been pleasantly surprised at the chores that have been achieved without me nagging! This will never leave my fridge :)​

As a busy mum this calendar has come in very handy!! As soon as I received it I couldnt wait to put it on the fridge and add my notes and reminders (as I tend to forget things) or just nice notes to my son! I rate this product 10/10. The design is so well done and easy to read. I only wish the calendar came in a month set up. 

Tracey, Delacombe VIC
I love this product, it was so easy to use, all the kids put there weekly events onto it and we only have to look at the fridge each morning to see what the day ahead has on, it's also great from leaving a message for a family member on to remind them of something, and the fact that it is reusable is so good for the environment.

Magdalena, Oatley NSW
I love it!!! It's definitely a must have for any mum, anyone's kitchen, busy kids ... everyone. You can use it over and over again, fits perfectly on the fridge. Great gift idea for any new parents for someone moving to the new house, or just because...

The Crone, Croydon VIC
The moment the *Paper Tree Weekly Planner* arrived I knew that it was going to be irreplaceable. It is magnetic and so can be attached to the refigerator door in plain view of everyone. The design & applications are perfect for any family week, using it as a 'whiteboard' all appointments, social activities, even an area for our shopping list. It is so simple in design and yet so very helpful, it would be handy for any family, small or large even busy executives.

Leea, Emerald QLD
This is a great idea i can orgaize the week so much eaiser now as i can do it under each persons name. I ended up putting it in a frame on the wall in the kitchen as it was just a tad to big for the fridge but i i find it alot easier where it is and all my friends seem to have noticed it alot more saying how nice it is and what a great idea.

Irene, Hervey Bay QLD
Loved this planner. Great design, very pretty and a good size for my fridge. Love being organised now, a definate for every family! Thanks!​

Nicky, Harrisville QLD
A great idea and very use to use, it is now my 3 daughter's responsibility to update it with their appointments, birthday parties, gymnastics and so forth. They are finding it great fun, and helps me enormously. I use a different colour marker for each daughter and for myself which makes it easy to recognise things at a glance.

Treena, Fairy Meadow NSW
I loved this product as I could put all the kids activities and my activities on it and we all knew what was going on during the days

Jemma, Scoresby VIC
Loved Paper Tree Designs Weekly Planner, have three daughters very easy to plan activities has been great during recent school holidays. We have planned menu's that everyone contributes to. I will definately be using this for years to come as it is reusable year- in year-out,Love the magnetic backing attached to fridge Great for shopping list reminders will recommend this to family and friends

Kathy, Macquarie Hills NSW
The planner fits perfectly on our fridge and is great that it is undated. We use one for each of our family members and also one columnn as a meal planner. Wasn't sure we had a whiteboard marker that was small enough but was happily surprised to be able to use the whiteboard marker given as a special treat.

Daniel, Derwent Park TAS
This magnetic whiteboard is the perfect size to put onto the famiy fridge where we can all access it. A great place to leave notes for each other, or jot down grocery items as we think of it. My partner and I are both shift workers and it is ideal for writting up our work hours each week so that we can both keep track of each others hours.