Can you tell me more about the work you do with Destiny Rescue?

Our founder Debora is passionate about freeing children and supporting the work of Destiny Rescue. Every 26 Seconds a child somewhere is forced into sexual slavery with the International Labour Organisation, estimating this to be over 1.2 million children per year.

We are passionate and determined to make a difference. One Family at a time.

What can the planner by used for?

We want you to get the most out of your planner. Have fun, be creative. Some ways you can use your planner are:

  • a  Daily Planner or Family Calendar 
  • a  Chore Chart, 
  • a  Reward Chart 
  • a Homework planner
  • a Menu Planner 

What do you mean by a paper free system?

The family organiser has areas to track things such as a Shopping Lists, To Do ListNotes and Reminders.  In order to ensure a truly paper tree system just use your smart phone to take a quick snap of the list before heading out to the shops. 

Can I use Spray to clean the planner?

Purchasing a quality product does require a little care and attention. Please use only true whiteboard markers on your planner and ensure that it is cleaned each week with a soft cloth to ensure staining does not occur. Please do not use sprays on your planner as this can damage the surface.  We recommend using a gentle cleaning cloth to clean your planner.  

My Fridge is not magnetic. What can I do?

We know sometimes you may want to use the planner in another area such as an office, or perhaps your fridge is not magnetic, (or even for those wishing to keep the fridge clear). We can recommend the portable magnetic boards available at stores such as Ikea or Kmart. Alternatively some of our customers have even gotten a little creative and had the planners framed without glass and hung for use. 

My planner is a little rolled after shipping. How do I flatten it?

Depending on the time in transit, your planner may need to be flattened a little before use. This is easily done by unrolling the planner and placing several heavy items (such as books) on top of the planner for a day or two. Once the planner has been flattened you may then attach it to any magnetic surface and begin organising your life.