Baby Vine Feature

Baby Vine Feature

I’m not sure how or when it happened, but with three kids (aged 4, 2 and 3 months), our lives suddenly got busy! Between daycare, days with their grandma, swimming, ballet, play dates and outings, my phone was struggling to keep up.

That’s when Cassie (my four year old) started asking: “What day is it today, Mummy?” She wanted to know whether it was a ‘home’ day, ‘daycare’ day, ‘neen’ day or ‘daddy’ day. That’s when I realised we needed a visual aid to help us all out and we came across the gorgeous Family Planner.

Magnetic Family Planner

What could be better than a family planner that sticks to your fridge. This means it is always there when I need it, always visible to Cassie, and everyone can be across what is happening throughout the week.

At the moment, we just use a spot for Cassie, Mummy and Daddy (poor Vivi and Elliot just go with the flow at the moment), and we write down what each person is doing each day.

It has helped Cassie know what is going on during the week, and given her a great visual to get her head around the days of the week.

Plus, it has a spot for groceries! I am always forgetting what we have run out of during the week, so this is handy.

A Family Planner That Gives Back

One of the best parts about the My Family Planner, is the way it gives back to the community.

Not only is My Family Planner Australian made and designed, but they fund the work of Destiny Rescue a not-for-profit organisation rescues children from the horror of the sex trade in countries across Asia and India. 

Every 26 seconds, a child somewhere in the world is forced into sexual slavery.

Destiny Rescue ensures children are given immediate medical care and protected for the future. The goal is to educate 150 girls this year. Read more here....

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