About Us


Our magnetic weekly + monthly planners are designed by Debora TV StylistDenim Designer  and busy mum of 3.  Like all mums Debora is busy juggling sports, music, school activities, a busy social calendar and a myriad of shopping lists and notes. Debora was convinced there was an easier and environmentally friendlier way and so the weekly planner was born.


No longer is there a need for endless paper, notes, post it notes and scribbles as it can all be tracked on the weekly planner and then cleaned off and reused. My Family Planner was born from a passion to build a product that had a gentle impact on the environment by offering a reusable and paper free system for the busy family. At My Family Planners we have Chore Charts, To Do Lists, Menu Planners, and Weekly + Monthly Planners all designed to to keep your week running a little more smoothly


Not only are our Magnetic Monthly and Weekly Planners Australian made and designed, ensuring an Ethical production model, but our planners fund the work of Destiny Rescue a not-for-profit organisation rescues children from the horror of the sex trade in countries across Asia and India. 

Every 26 seconds, a child somewhere in the world is forced into sexual slavery. Which, according to The International Labour Organisation, comes to an estimation of 1.2 million children per year.

With Destiny Rescue the children are given immediate medical care and are made to feel safe again. Then they are given protective healing, long term education and brighter opportunities for their future.

Our goal is to educate 150 girls this year and together we can make this happen. Would you join the movement with us and join our mailing list and Instagram?


 Destiny Rescue

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